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We are a world wide recognized GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and well established OEM (Original Equipments Manufacturing) manufacturer.
We specialize in Traditional Medicines, Herbal Products, Food & Beverages ( Halal F&B) products. Our F&B production line is complying to MeSTI and Halal requirements and standards.

We provide a one stop services, conceived of product development and branding, repackaging and rebranding into private labelling. Our products are permitted by Malaysia's National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (BPFK) which to ensure our products are manufactured and controlled to meet the international quality standard. Most of our products are Halal certified for penetration into the OIC Muslim and non-Muslim market.


Bosland Corp

Bosland Corp. (M) Sdn. Bhd.

BOSLAND is a botanical plants based Company, manufacturing a full range of herbal based HALAL food & beverages, personal healthcare products, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals. Through a steadily and solid platform, Bosland has been diversifying its business areas into more extensive fieldsincluding:
- F&B and Halal Food Manufacturing Industrial
- Traditional Medication Manufacturing Industrial
- Contract OEM Manufacturing Industrial
- Traditional Medication Wholesales
- International Trade & Exporting

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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

We have a series of quality control processes set in place in accordance to GMP standards. We assure that the quality of our products meet with the required standards. Numerous tests which include the MSDS test, IPQC test, Chemical test, Food Safety test etc. are conducted to ensure our products are free from quality issues. We abiding by the Principle that “Prevention is better than Cure”, our thrust is on Quality Assurance. Our Q.A Systems & our Q.A. Team is always on their toes to make sure that only the right practices and methods are followed and that quality consciousness is inculcated as a habit in every member of the Organization.

The four basic elements of Quality Control, namely, The Personnel, The Materials, The Machinery and The Method Employed are aligned to our core ideology and Quality Policy. Quality Control department is strictly examines the confirmation of product and inputs at all stages. The finished product is checked for each stages before it is released to finished goods store.

Product Authentication

Product Authentication

Each batch of products manufactured by UBATAN KETIGA INDUSTRI SDN. BHD. have to undergo a string of test and analysis. In house Sample Test have to conduct prior to each batch production. The test is inclusive of Microbiologic Test and Mineral Test. On-going process test (inspection) shall be conducted by the Health Officer from the Ministry of Health. The result of each inspection will be attested by the issuance of Health Certificate and Free Sale Cert.

Health Cert Free Sale Cert Certificate of Origin Certificate of Origin Product COA Certificate of Halal

our products

We supply various types of unprocessed material and processed material especially in ultra fine powder.
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Herb Materials
Dried Leaves,
Ground Granules,
Superfine Powder


Herb Materials

Dried Leaves, Ground Granules, Superfine Powder
Flower Tea
Flower Tea Wholesale and OEM Services


Flower Tea

Wholesale and OEM Services
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Traditional Chinese Medicine in Superfine Powder form

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM in Superfine Powder form

However, if you would like to enquire for more products, or interested in OEM, please send in your inquiry here,thank you.

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Technical Support and Services

We provide a one-stop-solution on product research and development towards our clients

Product Research & Development
Our in-house product expertise enables immediate product research and development, this including product formulation, product branding, packaging design and product certification.

Product Design, Branding & Packaging
Our in-house designer able to custom design from “Concept (mockup) to Finished Product” by presentation of a 2D and 3D drawing.

Product Certification
Our in-house product development team ensure every product manufactured by Ubatan Ketiga Industri Sdn. Bhd. is a approved and tested product, the product certifications are including Halal Certificate, COA (Certificate of Analysis), Health Certificate, Free Sale Certification, CO(Certificate of Origin).

Processing Specification

We specialised in these forms of manufacturing technology.

Superfine Powder Form

Capsule Form

Blister Form

Sachet Wrapper & Tea Bag Form

Packing Materials (Packaging)

We are able to supply various type of packaging for products.

Printed paper Box | Printed Sachet | Plastic Shrink Sleeves

Printed Bag | Corrugated Carton | Tea Bag Wrapper

Plastic Container | Pharmaceutical Bottle | Empty Capsule

Manufacturing Service & Scope

We specialised in these forms of manufacturing technology.

Auto Capsule Filling and Counting
(Capsule Form)

Auto Blister Packing
(Blister Form)

Auto Sachet Filling
(Sachet Form)

Auto Vertical Packing
(F&B Sachet Form)

Labelling & Packing
(Finished Products)

Nano Pulverization
(Superfine Powder)

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We uses the advancement of the technology to communicate with our customers. There are various channels we established on various platform available.
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Ubatan Ketiga Industri Sdn. Bhd.
No. 1 PT4006, Jalan Perusahaan 5,
Kawasan Perindustrian Kamunting,
34600 Kamunting, Perak.
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Tel: (+60) 5-891 2004 / 2005
Fax: (+60) 5-891 2009
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